Environment and Ethics: my Passions!

03.03.2014 kl. 09:44

Corinna Casi är timlärare i språk- samhällsämnen med kläm på miljöbovarna!

My name is Corinna Casi, I got my Master in Moral Philosophy at the University of Bologna in Italy and now I am a PhD student in Environmental Ethics at the Department of Social and Moral Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences, at the University of Helsinki. I study and write my dissertation in English.

In Arbis, I teach Italian courses for students of different levels but in the Fall semester of 2013 I taught a course on Ethics. At each lesson an ethical topic was introduced and discussed. The topics started off interesting debates where the students contributed with their personal insights and individual backgrounds. Inspired by this I intend to propose for Arbis next year a course on “Ethics through cinema”. The course will consist of the screenings of scenes from documentary movies followed by debates where after the students will discuss various ethical considerations raised by the films.

During the last three-year teaching period, one of my main focuses has been the importance of value and the privatization of common goods and water specifically. I particularly look at the global process of privatization and de-regulation generally known as “structural adjustment” or “the Washington Consensus”. The main features of this process are the liberalization of trade, the privatization of railways, water systems, telephone lines and the reduction of public expenditure. All these aspects have had a huge environmental and social impact on the world,  particularly in Africa and Latina America. As a response to the global economic crisis of the last years these policies have been for the first time applied in the so called “developed world”, southern Europe in particular. This is a remarkable shift that deserves attention and raises several ethical considerations. This is one of the main reasons for screening the movie “Even the Rain” at the “Water day” event in Arbis on Friday 14.03.2014, which you are all most welcome to join!

Välkommen att se en aktuell och gripande film om privatisering av jordens vattenresurser och höra bl.a. Corinna Casi och Olli-Pekka Haavisto kommentera den.

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